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a photo shoot is not only about the results. It's also about the


The images we create shall forever revive the emotions of that very moment.

Memories are all that remains. And images help us preserve what we felt back then - the sand underneath our feet, the wind in our hair, the butterflies in our stomach, the excitement, the warmth of the sun on our skin, his caress on your cheeks, the kisses, awww, the kisses...

This is why I care as much about the process of our photo shoot as about the results. On this page you'll find more about how it all works, what you can expect from me, the steps we will take - until you hold them in your hands: Your images. Your memory preservers!

How it all works






We sign our contract and refine the planning

We schedule a first video call to discuss the details

You submit an enquiry describing your idea

The day of the days - let's create magic together!

From the sneak peek to the final gallery

Within a few days you will find a sneak peak on your mobile. My careful digital editing that is following is managed in-house. So within four weeks after the photo shoot, you will get the login credentials to your beautiful private online gallery.

Enjoy browsing through your images, feel the goose bumps - and leave some love if you wish (such a treasure to receive my client's feedback)!

It will have been my sincere pleasure and honour that you have chosen me for your precious moments!

In the contact section of this website you find a form which helps you submit the relevant data. I'll get back to you by phone within no time to let you know if your requested date is still available and to clarify any open points. You also choose a slot in my calendar for your consultation; free of charge of course, no worries.

In this video call we get to know each other - this helps you immensely to see if you feel comfortable with me (so crucial for a photo session!). You can also ask me any questions you may have; I am an open book. Above all, we carry out a precise needs analysis for you and go through my bespoke quote for you with full transparency on the cost of the project.

After we have clarified all cornerstones of our joint photo project I send you the contract. On signing you will receive further details: I have eBooklets for weddings as well as for portrait sessions which hold a ray of helpful tips for your preparation.

If we work on an editorial or your brand images this is the phase in which you will get my concept draft and mood boards. We refine them together until everything is coherently bringing your vision to life!

For every project, I draw up a schedule that we agree upon so that everything runs smoothly on the day of the days.

In the run-up to the photo shoot we stay in close exchange. You can drop a note, a message, a call whenever needed. No limits here! It is super important to me to give you all my support!

For weddings, in this phase I recommend that I may connect with your best man or your maid-of-honour so that we can keep stress off your shoulders - and surprises a secret ;-)

On the actual day, I will be by your side. And you will have fun being in front of my camera - promise! During the reportage part, I will blend into your event and move around so that you even get those little details you could not observe yourself.

During the portrait shoots I give you guidance and little cues ensuring you feel so natural that you completely forget to wonder how to look or where to put your hands...


Love Letters

blissful SUmmer Wedding At a historical Mansion

Chris, you were a wonderful photographer, so professional and thoughtful. You captured the charm of the day perfectly and contributed to making the day so beautiful! We especially enjoyed the couple shoot, it was very relaxed and suitable even for us “photo shy“ people.... Thank you also for the nice preparation meetings and the lovely aftercare of the gallery. Thank you simply for everything!

Alena & Stefan

Portrait from Couple Photos Lake Ploen

Couple Session at Lake Ploen

The photo session with Chris was wonderfully relaxed and resulted in very natural photos that we are very, very happy about. We also remember this afternoon as an amazing experience for us as a couple. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Barbara & Jens

Fancy an elopement?

Or maybe you're still wondering what the Fuss is all about!? Got you - keep on reading for the key facts!

In a nutshell: An elopement is a free wedding ceremony in a small setting. Originally, the term meant "run away" and was used for couples who decided to go on travels to get married without guests and in full secrecy. Today, it stands more broadly for any untraditional, intimate wedding where the two lovers enjoy the freedom to tie the knot with no-one else present or with very few guests around (which sometimes is referred to as "micro wedding" or "tiny wedding").

The elopement ceremony can take place anywhere: at your favourite spot around the corner, on the most spectacular raw cliffs you've always wanted to set a foot on, in a foreign cityscape which the two of you adore, on the beach of your dreams... The options are as diverse and unique as you are!

Let me shed some light on how to organise an elopement and on how I can support you in this!


What equipment do you use?

Where do you photograph?

How do you deliver the images?

AnswereD Swiftly

I live in Wunstorf near Hanover, Germany, but you can also book me elsewhere in Europe or beyond. My return journey is included within a radius of 25 km. So from the 51st kilometre, I charge a travel rate, but no travel time.

For a destination photo shoot check out my planned travels to see if you can benefit from me being at your dream destination anyways.

Very important to me: all my trips are CO2 compensated. I am constantly working to capture people's most precious memories in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

I shoot with a digital full-frame camera from Sony and high-end prime lenses. When booked for film photography, I work with a medium format camera, a legendary Hasselblad, as well as with an SLR camera from Pentax.

However, I prefer to limit my equipment to the essentials so that I can concentrate on the essentials in front of my camera - you!

This approach makes me flexible during the day and helps blending into your group of guests. In the end, it's about you - not about the photographer's fancy and bulky equipment, right?

You receive the images in an online gallery which you can share with your family and friends. It's accessible both from desktop computers and mobile devices. The gallery offers some handy features, including creating collections or downloading images optimised for social media.

If you have booked me for film photography you will receive these images as digital scans in the online gallery plus fine art prints in the size of your preference.

I am committed to making my business as eco-friendly as possible and do not send out USB sticks unless demanded at your end.

Can I extend the session on the day itself?

What does a photo session with you cost?

That's as difficult a question as how much a handbag or a car would cost... As a base line, my portrait sessions start at 390 Euros. Your final cost depend on many factors which we openly discuss in our first joint call.

I don't sell any predefined packages (which never fit perfectly, right?). Instead, each of my clients-to-be gets a tailored quote from me based on their actual needs. This is why our first call is so crucial to me: It helps us to find out what you actually need and what you do not need - which is equally important!

Yes, that's usually no problem at all. Especially for weddings you sometimes cannot exactly predict the final timing. This is why we agree beforehand on the price for any extra shooting time you might want to add on spontaneously.

Transparency is super important to me. So you always know exactly what you're in for.

More questions? Let's Talk!

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