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EUropean WEdding, Elopement & Portrait Photographer

Behind the lens

I’ve learned photography with an analogue camera in my hands, carefully crafting my frames. Until today's digital times, this intentional approach has remained with me. I am convinced that in a world of sensory overload, such a mindful, focused way has its place; it's soothing and nourishing a deep desire in our souls. And it gives the images that are created - whether digitally or on film - a special value.

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Life is constant change

... and this is something I appreciate, it doesn't scare me. I'm a person that loves to grasp life to the fullest. I always seek to explore, to learn. I've gone through tough times, months, years where headwinds seem to be stronger than tailwinds - but hey, I'm a passionate sailor. I know how to weather a storm and how to set my sails to still make my way.

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What my husband says about me

"Chris and I have travelled the world. Wherever we went, her way to approach people opened us doors and hearts. To me, she's a magician with a camera: the most empathetic person I've ever met, blessed with an incredible sense for others and a fascinating eye for detail - a warm-hearted, insanely talented woman who spreads joy and gratitude about how amazing this life is, no matter what.“

Love, Jens

My Philosophy

In my photography, I strive to truly see people. Who and how they are. Getting a feel for each other and letting our souls connect creates an atmosphere where magic happens. Because a photo is more than a representation. Over the decades I’ve understood: It is in fact something very much of its own, created together by the persons in front and behind the camera - in just that one moment. A moment for eternity. (See my goose bumps now?)

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"Wildflowers grow wherever the wind takes them.
They turn their faces to the light; and they grow."

- April Green, poet

Wild malva

Wild Malva - a small, yet powerful flower, my brand name. It expresses the things I stand for: unlimited love for nature, an independent mind, still remaining grounded and respecting the inconspicuous - to let it shine! Conveying the message: You’re beautiful the way you are!

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von Wild Malva

I’ve learned photography with an analogue camera in my hand. Until today, this intentional approach has remained with me - and the unbroken fascination.

Mit Seele. Mit Stil. Ganz und gar Du!

Emilia Goldberg


Michelle Bright

My Family


A long, long distance from the town, in the midst of dreadful wilds scarcely known to man, there dwelt the Griffin whose image had been put up over the church door.

Angie White


All relationships are built on trust and common values. I want us to connect.

My Brand. Meaning of Wild Malva.


A portrait and lifestyle photographer with an editorial approach, based in Toronto, Canada

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My work is an expression of what I am most passionate about: storytelling, simplicity and human interaction. I see beauty in everything, everyone. Do you feel the same way?


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I’m an addict to coffee, good laughs, kind hearts and couples madly in love.

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I’ve Been in This Business Since I Was 19.

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