EUropean WEdding, Elopement & Portrait Photographer

Behind the lens

I'm Chris. I’ve learned photography with an analogue camera in my hands, carefully crafting my frames. Today, I mostly shoot digital (plus exclusive prints still on film). However, this intentional approach has always remained with me. I am convinced that in a world of sensory overload, such a mindful, focused photography has its place. Quality before mere quantity. It's soothing and nourishing a deep desire in our souls: for images worthy of capturing our fondest memories and passing them on to the generations after us.

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Life is constant change

... and this is something I appreciate, it doesn't scare me. I'm a person that loves to grasp life to the fullest. I always seek to explore, to learn. I've gone through tough times, months, years where headwinds seemed to be stronger than tailwinds - but hey, I'm a passionate sailor. I know how to weather a storm and how to set my sails to still make my way.

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What my husband says about me

"Chris and I have travelled the world. Wherever we went, her way to approach people opened us doors and hearts. To me, she's a magician with a camera: the most empathetic person I've ever met, blessed with an incredible sense for others and a fascinating eye for detail - a warm-hearted, insanely talented woman who spreads joy and gratitude about how amazing this life is, no matter what.“

Love, Jens

My Philosophy

In my photography, I strive to truly see people. Who and how they are. Getting a feel for each other and letting our souls connect creates an atmosphere where magic happens. Because a photo is more than a representation. Over the decades I’ve understood: It is in fact something very much of its own, created together by the persons in front and behind the camera - in just that one moment. A moment for eternity. (See my goose bumps now?)

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"Wildflowers grow wherever the wind takes them.
They turn their faces to the light; and they grow."

- April Green, poet

Wild malva

Wild malva, a small, yet powerful flower, a healing plant - and my brand name. It expresses what I stand for: an unlimited love and gratitude for nature, the belief that we are here to grow and unfold, with an independent, open mind, always remaining grounded and respecting the inconspicuous - to let it shine! Conveying the message: You’re beautiful the way you are!